Cardano Clanns 

Cardano Clanns are preparing to release a collection of unique Celtic artwork, bringing to the you an opportunity to invest in a project that has a vision for something different which has not been seen before on the Cardano Blockchain.

The idea of Family, is key to the collection . It is not just about collecting a jpeg, it's about collecting your Clann. Your Clann being defined by our custom attribute in the meta data "Clann Name".

Future mints will be of women, children and pets. Each of these will have their own Clann Name but the list of Clann Names is shared across all the collections. So, you not only have an opportunity to collect some really cool art, but you can connect these by Clann Name, making your NFT more desirable and potentially valuable to a fellow collector.

  • Mint Date: April 3rd
  • Whitelist Mint: 2nd April
  • Mint Price: 45 ADA
  • Supply: 8'888

All Clann Holders get a 10% discount on all orders. 



Multimedia collage



A mixture of Project merch and our own designs.